Health Information Infrastructure

Panel Suggests Electronic Health Records, Yahoo News, Nov. 20, 2003.

[T]he Institute of Medicine [here]…an arm of the National Academy of Sciences…is chartered by Congress to advise the government on medical matters.

To improve the use of electronic records, the institute recommended that the government help create data standards for the secure collection, storage and dissemination of medical information electronically.

That would form the basis for a network that would allow widespread exchange of critical health information, said the independent group, which advises the government on medical issues.

The report urges the government to model the system after the airline industry’s air traffic and weather information systems.

This recommendation is contained in a report published yesterday by the IOM entitled, "Patient Safety: Achieving a New Standard for Care."  (read it online for free).  It is one of many reports filed under the IOM’s Health Care Quality Initiative.

UPDATE: Bio-IT has posted an article on this report by the IOM:
Brian Reid, IOM Report: IT Key to Patient Safety Reform, Bio-IT World, 11/20/03.


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