Interview: Molly Joel Coye

Mike Dougherty, LEADING QUESTIONS: Looking Down the Road, Health Leaders Magazine, Nov. 2003.

This article is an interview with Molly Joel Coye MD MPH, the founder and CEO of HealthTech.  Her comments contain no surprises and are a welcome reaffirmation of the excitement surrounding the health IT field.  First, her opinion about future trends in health technology:

"…increasing consumer demand will meet a truly exploding pipeline of clinical devices-both implanted and worn-that will be used to replace natural functions to support, function or aid in treatment as chronic disease takes its toll."

On the future of electronic patient record (EPR):

"The electronic patient record is one of the three or four components important in the next three to five years in IT. The first stage is development of regional platforms for data sharing. Regional platforms often begin with eligibility lookup, claims lookup and eventually claims processing, and progresses to clinical data sharing beginning with laboratory and pharmacy and working out from there. There’s a growing national awareness of the urgency of the need for better information in healthcare. If, in the next two years, most of the necessary clinical data standards are established, we will be entering a new era as vendors sell IT systems that are compatible with the standards. The use of the EMR should grow steadily over the next five to eight years, and ultimately will be the most important piece of the puzzle of advancing quality."


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