Nutrigenomics Special Issue

The journal Nutrition for January 2004 is a special issue on nutrigenomics.  Read the TOC here.

Of special interest are the following articles:

Foreword from the editors, Page 1
David B. Allison, Stephen Barnes and W. Timothy Garvey

"[There is] a long-held belief that there are individual differences in the response to ingested nutrients. These differences may have a basis in biological inheritance. If we can come to understand the origin of these differences, we may be able to not only better direct individuals to tailored nutrition recommendations but also enhance our understanding of the basic pathways through which particular nutrients achieve their effects."

~30 000 genes
~over 1.5 million SNPs
genes expressed as mRNA, variable in abundance
translated into proteins, variable in form
~225k plant species, ~80k edible, each w/ ~thousands of compounds

"This matrix of many thousands of foods and ingestible nutrients by many thousands of genes, genetic polymorphisms, and gene products is the playing field of nutrigenomics. As a field, we have just begun to explore this and must acknowledge that we have a combinatorial tiger by the tail."

Nutrigenomics:: exploiting systems biology in the nutrition and health arenas, Pages 4-8
Ben van Ommen

Genome scans for human nutritional traits:: what have we learned?, Pages 9-13
Tuomo Rankinen and Hemant Tiwari

Diet–disease gene interactions, Pages 26-31
Jim Kaput


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