SALVATORE SALAMONE, LSID: An Informatics Lifesaver, Bio-IT World, Jan 12 2004.

The vast array of informatics data available today makes it difficult to automate data access and sharing, which in turn makes it difficult to set up production-quality workflows in the research environment.

The Interoperable Informatics Infrastructure Consortium (I3C) is trying to tackle such issues with a new naming standard and data access protocol called the Life Science Identifier (LSID). At its core, LSID provides a uniform way to name and locate specific pieces of informatics data over the Internet.

…Similar to a URL, LSID uses a uniform resource name (URN) to locate data. The URN contains five parameters…that uniquely identify the data of interest.

…To take advantage of the URN in an informatics application requires two pieces of software: a client piece within an informatics application, and a server piece associated with the actual data.

…With LSID, an organization continues to use its normal routines for generating and storing informatics data. The only thing that changes when using LSID is that there is an alternative access route.


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