IBM’s View: Personalized Healthcare 2010

Ok Baek, Theresa Gaffney, Kris Joshi, Dr. Barry Robson, David Rosen, Dr. Cathi Stahlbaum, Ruth Taylor, Pnina Vortman. Executive Brief: Personalized Healthcare 2010. IBM Business Consulting Services. Jan 2004.

"During the past decade, life sciences and information technology began to converge, resulting in significant and life-impacting research – the result with perhaps the highest impact to date being the sequencing of the human genome and its influence on how clinical researchers now investigate methods and molecules that could improve the human condition. Knowledge gained through human genome sequencing is driving recent achievements in genomic, proteomic, molecular biology and bioinformatics. As this decade progresses, next generation medical science technology and capabilities, enabled by increasingly "smarter" information technology, will change the discovery, development and delivery of new treatments even more dramatically. For example, bio-pharmaceutical research will continue to shift from a small, molecule-centered approach to one of stronger biomedical emphasis. This shift will focus on moving from the molecular actions of small molecule compounds toward delivering biologic-based diagnostics and therapeutics. Thus, healthcare will become increasingly personalized as these biologic-based diagnostics and treatments become standard practice."

Read the whole brief (pdf).



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