UPDATE: Sirna Therapeutics Animation of siRNA

I love biology animations.  Here is a cool one on RNA interference by Sirna Therapeutics (.mpg file).  (Compare with this flash animation also on RNA interference.) 

UPDATE: Upon looking at the Sirna animation on siRNA a second time, I noticed that the double-stranded RNA at the beginning is left-handed.  We could call it artistic license, but it is really just an error.  If it makes the artists feel any better, they are not the first to make this mistake.  There is in fact a rather long and glorified history of our collective handedness illiteracy as shown in the Left-Handed DNA Hall of Fame.  The hall of fame very well could have been called the Left-Handed RNA Hall of Fame because RNA, like DNA, is made of right-handed sugars.  Not to be misled, nature isn’t entirely right-handed, either.  In fact, nature is intriguingly uneven handed.

Two egregious handedness mistakes for an article on proteomics in a popular trade magazine inspired Chris Welch to pen a poem that would have inspired the muses themselves (with permission):

On your cover a very rare sight,
a helix that gave me a fright.
Did you forget that this spiral
called DNA is chiral,
and it normally twists to the right?
          –Chemical & Engineering News, Aug 14, 2000         


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