BioHistory Part II

In early April I wrote about The Chicago Historical Society’s efforts to examine the implications of biohistorical analysis.  If you recall, the Chicago Historical Society (CHS) faced a dilemma regarding whether to allow genetic testing of materials presumably containing blood from Abe Lincoln.  Various parties were interested in peforming analysese on this material in order to determine whether Lincoln had Marfan Syndrome.  So, the CHS commissioned a review of professional codes in order establish guidelines for biohistorical analysis.  This group published an article in Science describing their efforts (a web-enhanced version is availble for free too):

Lori Andrews et al. Constructing Ethical Guidelines for Biohistory. Science April 9 2004.

Today AMNews published a nice article following up on this story:

Andis Robeznieks. Uncloaking history: The ethics of digging up the past. AMNews. June 28, 2004.



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