DNA Direct Offers Genetic Testing Direct to Consumer

San Francisco based DNA Direct began offering genetic testing services direct to consumer (DTC) in early October.  You may remember that DNA Direct was introduced on this blog back in March, in reference to a New York Times article on DTC genetic testing.   

Currently DNA Direct offers genetic testing services for inherited blood clotting disorders and plans to offer testing services for other conditions in the future. 

Here is a summary of the testing process (see here), as outlined on their excellent webpage:  The decision to test is made by a medical consumer, perhaps with the aid of a risk assessment questionnaire offered free on their website.  A cheek swab kit is mailed to the person, swabbing ensues, and the kit is mailed to a lab for analysis.  A ten chapter personal report is made available via the web.  It contains the results of the test and descriptions of how to understand the results in relation to risks, lifestyle, family, and healthcare.  DNA Direct also provides genetic counseling services over the phone.

In a recent press release, CEO Ryan Phelan discusses her motivation for founding DNA Direct:

β€œAt DNA Direct, we believe that testing is about empowerment - your body and your health are ultimately your responsibility, and your genes offer tremendous insight into personal, medical and lifestyle choices…Genes are a valuable part of the equation, and they must be interpreted in context and in privacy. We have set up a unique service that does just that – while providing individuals with knowledge and insight to take control of their personal health.”

DNA Direct

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GeneClinics: Factor V Leiden Thrombophilia

KU Medical Center: Factor V Leiden Thrombophilia


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