Transition to Clinical Utility

In an attempt to mirror the movement of genomic technologies from the scientific bench to the medical bedside, the editors of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings recently announced that they would be transitioning their series of educational articles on medical genomics to a new format which places a greater emphasis on clinical utility:

No one doubts the monumental impact on human health and disease from both the genome project and the unprecedented advances in biotechnology. At the same time, however, it will be some time before human disease in a given patient is sequentially forecasted, prevented, and treated according to genomic profiles. Similarly, clinicians often ask how the current hype in genomics-genetics relates to their day-to-day clinical practice. It is under this premise that the editorial staff of Mayo Clinic Proceedings is pleased to announce the continuation of the Medical Genomics series in the journal with a new and more practical symposium entitled Genetic Test Indications and Interpretations. The new series is scheduled to start in January 2005 and will have a specific disease-oriented approach that demonstrates the transition of technology to clinical utility.

The former series of articles was entitled “Primer on Medical Genomics.” A description of these articles can be found here.


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