Swedish LifeGene Project

The Swedes have proposed what they are calling the "most comprehensive medical project" since the human genome.  The project has a tentative name, LifeGene, and the goal is to combine "biological information with lifestyle data" from a population of 500,000 people in order to get a "greater understanding of the interplay between heredity,
lifestyle and the environment in relation to the most common diseases."

Another article summarized the project as follows: "This study…uses IT and mobile technology to
enable people to report details of their health and their lifestyle. LifeGene aims to collect biological samples, demographic and
lifestyle information from healthy volunteers, and examine these with
information from Sweden’s unique population-wide registers. These
include a twin register, a cancer register and a cause of death
register. The fact that Sweden has a uniform governmental healthcare
system facilitates access to information about patients and possible
tissue samples."

CORDIS release
Karolinska Institute release
Stockholm Business Arena write-up discusses LifeGene (in the context of a call for even larger population studies)


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