Insurance and Genetics in the UK

From the UK:

"PEOPLE with a family history of breast cancer,
Alzheimer’s and other serious diseases will be given a five-year
financial reprieve next week when insurers extend their moratorium on
the use of genetic tests to set premiums…The moratorium, which prevents insurers from using the results of
genetic tests to increase premiums, was due to run out in November next
year. After negotiations with the Department of Health, however,
insurers have decided to postpone using genetic tests until after 2010"

"Insurers to postpone genetic testing until 2010" Times Online, March 10, 2005.


UK Genetics and Insurance Committee (GAIC)…scroll to bottom for various presentations.
Second Report, January 2004, on genetics and insurance by the GAIC.
Read the Moratorium document here.

Heriot-Watt University’s Genetics and Insurance Research Centre (GIRC)


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