UK Public Opinion on Insurer Access to Test Information

According to one recent survery, UK public opinion is split approximately 50/50 on whether insurers shoud have access to genetic test results when applying for life and health insurance.  Aggregate data show a slight preference for no insurer access.  Interestingly, the subgroup with a family history of inherited disease tends to be more in favor of insurer access than those without a family history.  A presentation at Imperial College London by Alan Tyler summarized the data with the following figure (click to enlarge):

Disclosure_info_genetics_insurance_2003_1During the same presentation Alan also noted that opinions in the UK were not mixed on the question of universal pricing of insurance.  There is a "blanket rejection" of the idea, suggesting a preference for premiums based on actual or perceived risks instead.  In essence this is a rejection of the "principle of solidarity" and a preference for the "principle of mutuality" as defined elsewhere.

Alan Tyler, "Industry Research" Joint public meeting of the HGC and GAIC, Imperial College, London. July 13, 2004.


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