Development of Sequencing Technology

Two grafs on the development of sequencing technology from a recent article in Bioscience Technology.

1) Sequencing technology is "frozen in time", still searching for a breakthrough:

Progress in gene sequencing has arisen more from improved methods than
ground-breaking instrumentation. Glenn Schulman, PharmD, marketing
manager at 454 Life Sciences (New Haven, CT) points out that gene
sequencing technology has become frozen in time circa 2000. “Things
pretty much stopped with capillary electrophoresis-based
instrumentation,” he says. “There have been incremental improvements,
but nothing truly enabling.”

2) Logarithmic Scaling of 454’s sequencing-by-synthesis technology (see image)

454’s progress has been phenomenal since it reported its first results,
on about 25 base pairs, in late 2001. Since then scale-up has been
logarithmic: 33 kbp in 2002, 2.8 Mbp in 2003, and about 20 million bp
today (about the size of a bacterial genome) in a 4.5 hour run. Dr.
Schulman sees no end in sight to Moore’s Law-type scaling, which could
result in sequencing a whole human genome — 30 Gbp — in a matter of
days or hours.

Angelo DePalma. "Sequencing in the post-genomic age." Bioscience Technology.

Biotage’s Pyrosequencing (sequence-by-synthesis) tutorial …with video


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