Population Genetics Technologies

Information is scant otherwise, so here is a snip from the press release:

Dr Sydney Brenner, has devised a new method for obtaining sequence information from thousands of genomes simultaneously…This method, to be developed by a new company called Population
Genetics Technologies, is expected to reduce significantly the cost of
studying large populations of genomes…The Intellectual Property and related patent applications underlying
the technology were licensed from Compass Genetics LLC, a partnership
formed several years ago by Drs Sydney Brenner, Sam Eletr and Philip

Dr Sam Eletr…“our new method, if successful…is expected to provide a significant cost advantage over other techniques which analyse one genome at a time…because our method will allow the mixing of thousands of samples in one test tube and the simultaneous interrogation of all of them in one experiment, instead of in as many experiments as there are genomes in a population.  Although pooling techniques that allow simultaneous analysis of multiple genomes have been used, these only provide population-wide characteristics, such as the frequency of gene variation, and not information specific to individual genomes. We expect our technology to allow handling much larger numbers of genomes than pooling does and to have the further advantage of protecting the identities of individuals involved in any population study by allocating them a code that may be kept confidential. We expect it also be applicable to any collection of DNA molecules and genomes, whether from plants, animals, micro-organisms or humans.”

Syndey Brenner bio.

Press release. "Mass Analysis of DNA from Whole Populations." 4/20/05.


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