Venter: Personal Genomics not Enough

It has been said that the four letters of DNA are not A-T-G-C, but H-Y-P-E.  During a recent panel discussion sponsered by FasterCures, Venter reminded the audience that a sequence alone is not enough:

[Venter] cautioned against getting carried away with the exponential growth in
our understanding of genomics. While we may have the technology to
sequence everyone’s genome, we have no idea yet how to interpret and
use that information. Not every disease will be cured by mapping its
genome; genetic research must be integrated with the rest of the
scientific community if we’re to realize the promise of genomics. He
stressed the importance of building multi-disciplinary teams of
researchers driven to solve a specific problem.

Innovative Medical Research: New Approaches for New Outcomes. Getty Center, April 17, 2005.


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