454 Life Sciences to Sequence Watson?

Watson_cavendishBack in 2003, 454 Life Sciences sequenced its first whole genome.  It was the genome of a virus measuring about 33,000 base pairs.  They have since turned their attention to larger and larger genomes…those of bacteria, flies, mice, and now, a famous scientist.  454 has offered James Watson a chance to glimpse his personal genome by the end of next year, when they expect to be able to sequence human genomes (3 billion base pairs) for less than $1 million.

Watson, now in his late 70s, requested not to be told about his APOE gene alleles, which are associated with Alzheimers disease.

"DNA pioneer may have genome sequenced" New Scientist. May 28, 2005.

454 Life Sciences slideshow on their sequencing technology


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