NHGRI is launching a pilot study called clinEncode:

…researchers will sequence a portion of DNA from 400 seemingly healthy volunteers and try to discern each person’s unique genetic risk factors for disease. They also plan to study the reactions of the volunteers to learning these results…The 400 volunteers will donate DNA and undergo a battery of tests, including blood pressure measurements and white blood cell counts. [NHGRI’s Eric] Green and his colleagues will sequence the same 1% of each person’s genome, regions that are already being intensely studied by basic researchers.  Green’s team plans to report back any variations spotted, including ones that may explain a person’s current and future health status. It’s not clear how people will react to such results. Previous studies involving genetic testing for specific diseases have suggested that people can handle bad health news.

Pennisi, E. "Gene Sequence Study Takes a Stab at Personalized Medicine" Science. May 20, 2005. (subscription only)


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