Davies Tries Cellf Eval Kit

Kevin Davies of Bio-IT world has a column on his trial of Sciona’s Cellf Evaluation Kit.  This is him describing his experience with the test:

my initial reaction was one of disappointment. The report soberly recommended that I should cut back on alcohol and caffeine, eat more cruciferous vegetables, and exercise more. “Brilliant,” I thought. “I’ve known that for years!” But the genetic analysis results were definitely intriguing. Sciona determined the genotypes of about 20 genes, looking specifically for DNA variations known to be associated with different enzyme activities and medical conditions…I would have no qualms about sharing those with Bio-IT World’s readers, but the health insurance company might be reading…in a few instances, specific genotype information did engender more personalized dietary advice. Just how useful is this personalized prescription? A few vitamin and antioxidant supplements probably won’t do anyone any harm, but will they actually do a body good?

Kevin Davies, Cellf Examination. Bio-IT World, May 16, 2005.


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