Zeitgeist of New Clinical Trials Database

The pharmaceutical industry has officially launched their new clinical trials portal which tracks clinical trials globally.  I plugged some key genetics terms into the "Ongoing Trials" search feature to get a quick zeitgeist of the world of clinical trials.  Here is what I found:

search term # results
the 45914
***** *****
genetics 2240
genetic 1570
gene 1446
DNA 845
RNA 775
genes 745
"family history" 573
chromosome 339
inherited 266
genome 150
genomic 105
genomics 25
"genome sequences" 21
"susceptibility gene" 15
genomes 5
"whole genome" 4
"genetic map" 2
"whole human genome" 1
"genome sequence" 0
***** *****
P450 155
titration 126
torsades 62
CYP 60
pharmacogenetics 40
pharmacogenomics 28
pharmacogenetic 25
pharmacogenomic 14
2D6 9
***** *****
mutations 504
mutation 376
genotype 342
polymorphism 135
microarray 60
haplotype 59
karyotype 57
polymorphic 40
genotyped 29
SNPs 34
SNP 17
"sequence variation" 7
centimorgan 2
"gene copy number" 2


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