Solexa: On track for $100K human genome

Solexa released a progress report on their genome sequencing platform.  They also claim to have the expectation of being "the first to deliver whole human genome
sequencing at $100,000 per genome."  They have memorialized this expectation in their about us section as follows:

"Solexa expects its first-generation technology to generate over a billion bases of DNA sequence per run and to enable whole genome resequencing below $100,000 per sample, making it the first platform to reach this important milestone. Solexa’s longer-term goal is to reduce the cost of human re-sequencing to a few thousand dollars"

As George Church has remarked, in the realm of genome sequencing technology, its a "race to the bottom."

Update: See also,
Kevin Davies. Solexa Sets Sights on “$100,000 Genome” Threshold. Bio-IT World. October 25, 2005.


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