Venter Ups the Ante for the $1000 Genome

In October 2003, the inaugural post of this blog pointed to the announcement by Craig Venter of a $500,000 prize aimed at stimulating the development of sequencing technology that enables the drastic reduction of the costs of sequencing human genomes.  Today Venter announced plans to up the ante to as much as $10 million to speed the "race to the bottom" even more:

Noting that Solexa believes it can deliver a $10,000 genome by 2008, Venter said, “Our goal is really to have a $1,000 genome, but instead of having accountants tell us what it is, we’re going to require people to sequence maybe 100 genomes and really demonstrate the technology. So we’re trying to finalize the rules for this…
We’re thinking of a timeline that this has to be done sometime between 2008 and 2010. We’re trying to raise the prize value to reward the scientists that actually come up with these breakthroughs, not by calculation but by actual demonstration.”

Kevin Davies.  Venter Raises Stakes for “$1,000 Genome” Prize. Bio-IT World, Oct 19, 2005.

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