Genetics in MD training

Its well-known that a large number of physicians have a very limited understanding of genetics.  This situation is an artefact of medical education, which historically hasn’t included genetics in the curriculum to any significant degree — with the view that genetics is a specialty for rare diseases.  What is surprising though, is that this continues to be the case:

Industry leaders at a recent conference were unanimous in their conviction that personalized medicine will change the practice of medicine and drug development, but expressed grave concern at the lack of appropriate medical education currently available to bring that paradigm shift to fruition…Bruce Korf (University of Alabama, Birmingham) drummed home the medical education crisis. Fewer than 40 percent of medical schools run a genetics course, he said, and according to a recent survey, only one-third of physicians polled feel trained or competent to discuss genetic information. Medical informatics is a disruptive technology akin to a Tower of Babel. "Why can’t [Google] crawl through medical records?" Korf posed. "Is Wal-Mart - Google the future of medicine?"

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