PGx Webcast December 12

From the press release:

Hosted by the International Society of Pharmacogenomics, the
Pharmacogenomics E-Symposium will be held live & online on 12
December 2005…

Opening Keynote: Allen Roses, GlaxoSmithKline

Live Presentations and Round table debates on:

-Pharmacogenomics : Delivery to patients and patient acceptance
-Prescribing by ethnicity
-What is the role of pharmacogenomics in our approaches to substance abuse?
-The role of Pharmacogenomics as a laboratory tool in diagnostics and therapeutics
-Toxicogenomics - Is the Problem the Toxin or the Genome?
-Cancer Pharmacogenomics
-Cardiovascular Pharmacogenomics
-Pharmacogenomics of Psychiatry
-Pharmacogenomics of Neurological Disorders
and more.

Closing Keynote: Urs Meyer, Biozentrum, University of Basel

Check out the Pharmacogenomics E-Symposium website.


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