Scientific American: The Personal Genome Project

George Church has the feature story in this month’s Scientific American.  He reviews a variety of sequencing technologies and introduces the Personal Genome Project to the masses.  Snip:

"…we have much work to do in a short amount of time to get ready for the advent of low-cost genome reading.  Software will be needed to process sequence information so that it is manageable by doctors, for example.  They will need a method to derive an individualized priority list for each patient of the top 10 or so genetic variations likely to be important…"

Some new stats on the current cost of sequencing from the article:

Electrophoresis-based sequencing = 150 base pairs per dollar for "finished" sequence
Polony method = 1400 base pairs per dollar


George Church. "Genomes for All" Scientific American, January 2006.

George Church’s page


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