Flockhart on the ascent of PGx

MIT Technology Review interviewed David Flockhart of IUPUI recently.  Here is a snip about the adoption of PGx testing:

TR: But the FDA has already approved a number of genetic tests to guide prescriptions. Aren’t doctors using them?

No…A major problem is
going to be educating physicians who are, as yet, relatively uneducated
about the availa­bility of genetic tests to guide some of their
prescribing decisions.

TR: How long will that take?

…The movement of these tests into the clinic will happen
gradually with fits and starts….Demand will kick in within a year or
two, as patients realize the power of these tests. That will be the
biggest driver…

Erika Jonietz. Getting Personal about Drugs. Genetic tests are poised to revolutionize prescription writing. MIT Technology Review. March/April 2006.

David Flockhart’s website at IUPUI.


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