Making the Genome Usable

One can make a profession of figuring out how to make a piece of technology easy to use.  In the computing industry, we call this work "usability" or "human-computer interaction" or "interaction design".  Making the human genome easy to use is one of the challenges that lie ahead for the field of personal genomics. 

This is the first post on this blog with the tag "usability" and I’m using this occasion to celebrate what appears to be the first AJAX-driven genome browser, GBrowse (a prototype).  AJAX is a group of web technologies (named by the geeks at Adaptive Path) featured in many of the hot, new web applications like Google Maps. 

Will the genomics industry follow the example of the computing industry and have entire professions and degrees grow-up around making the human genome usable?


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  1. Kingsley on May 2nd, 2006 12:23 am

    I sure hope so.

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