Atul Butte at PARC Forum

Among the many perks of life in the Bay Area are the frequent geek events which ensure all stripes of technophiliacs are kept occupied.  Long Now Seminars. Future Salons. Nerd Salons. The Hillside ClubDorkbotPARC Forums.  And on and on.  (not to mention the myriad Web 2.0 scene)

The famed PARC has hosted a seminar series for years — dating back to the late 70s.  I recently attended a talk delivered by Atul Butte of Stanford on genomics and medicine.  Talks like this one are more commonly being archived online, taking advantage of the long tail of the internet.


Atul Butte, Stanford University School of Medicine. "Exploring Genomic Medicine Using Integrative Biology" June 15, 2006 at PARC. audio and video

Also see the PARC Forum archives.

(Unfortunately, not everyone is putting their talks online…not even a transcript?)


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  1. Glenn on October 25th, 2006 1:31 am

    Thanks for posting this! While I cannot view .wmv movies, at least I can listen to the audio. :)
    I had the good fortune of attending Dr. Butte’s lecture to the SF Bay Area ACM on October 11th.

    It was stunningly good, and quite understandable even to one not in the health sciences field such as myself. (Reportedly, the video will be posted to and to, though I’ve not yet seen it on either site.)

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