NPR on PGx Testing

Listen to this NPR piece on pharmacogenetics, which includes:

The piece closes with this thought:

"Other experts, including Russ Altman of Stanford University, say
pharmacogenetics is such a new science that most doctors didn’t learn about it
in medical school. Clinicians have to find a laboratory that offers the test and
learn how to read the results, he says."

Toward this end, DNA Direct (my employer) has put the physician-writer Dr. Alan Eshleman on the case with the launch of a new blog on pharmacogenetics.  He’ll be writing from the perspective of a physician that is not a pharmacogenetics expert, but is interested in learning about this new science and sharing his experiences with other physicians.

The blog is up and functional, but you’ll have to ignore the dust because we’re still working on layout/design.

Also, for information on drug metabolism, check out our website Genes & Drugs.


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