Your microbiota is SOOOO agnotobiotic

Cheap personal microbiomics will make the
human microbiota gnotobiotic!  It just rolls off the tongue (an
decreasingly agnotobiotic human organ).  Does all this verbage leave a bad taste in your mouth

Microbiota: The collection of micro-organisms in a particular environment, such as the human body, e.g. the human gut microbiota.

Microbiome: The collection of genetic material (all the genomes) in a particular microbiota.

Gnotobiotic: Describes a microbiota with a known set of micro-organisms.

Agnotobiotic: Describes a microbiota of unknown or poorly defined composition.

Here are some stats to cleanse your palate:

We are born relatively germ-free.  Its unknown the extent to which we acquire our microbiomes from family members, but this may be another type of genetic heritability.  In this case, genetics is definitely not destiny.  We will increasingly be learning how to "reprogram" our microbiomes. 

Microbiota management, flora farming, bug doping. Oh My!

Additional reading and references below the jump.

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    The European Project MetaHIT (Metagenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract) gathers 12 European research institutes and a Chinese Partner and aims at the characterisation of the human intestinal metagenome. The official website is available at:

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