Feed share beyond the blogroll

I realized yesterday that I haven’t updated my blogroll in ages. The whole concept of blogrolls is slowly being erased from my brain because I rarely think about them — largely because blogrolls live on blogs and I rarely visit blogs anymore. Instead I do most of my blog browsing in my RSS reader. Out of sight, out of mind, goodbye blogrolls.

But the blogroll of a well-liked blogger or a trusted information source (regardless of how well-liked) can be an extremely useful filter for finding more good content.

If you’re curious about what feeds are in my feed reader, you should check out my list of feeds at my OPML shared feeds page. This is just a webpage with a list of URLed blog titles and their associated feeds. (This actually reminds me that I was in attendance at the Hillside Club in Berkeley when Dave Winer unveiled OPML to the CyberSalon crowd. This is of absolutely no import, just a memory.)

Here are a few ways to track my informational activities online:

Rss_icon The Personal Genome Feed
…for blog posts I write and choose to share

Rss_icon_2My shared items from Google Reader
…for online feeds I read and choose to share

Rss_icon_3My genomics del.icio.us feed
…for online information I read and choose to share

Rss_icon_3My connotea feed (I now use CiteULike, see below)
…for published papers I read and choose to share

Rss_icon_3My CiteULike feed
…for published papers I read and choose to share

Eye on DNA: Hsien’s new blog

Prolific genetics blogger, Hsien Hsien Lei, is leaving behind her blog Genetics and Health to start anew with a general interest blog Eye on DNA.  Check it out!

Good luck Hsien! 

Emerging communities in the Noob Sea

Somewhere adrift in the turbulent waters of the Noob Sea, a handful of modest vessels carrying scientistsphysicians, and patients are organizing their plans for homesteading in the new frontier of online communities. 

Some are charting a direct path toward the archipelago of the wikipedians and their ilk, others may meander in the Straights of Web 2.0 or the Gulf of YouTube.  And there is some speculation that some vessels are destined to harbor in the Bay of Angst.


hi-res original at XKCD

hat tip Make