Juan Enriquez on Genomics

TED continues to post videos of talks from past conferences. They recently posted Juan Enriquez’s presentation from 2004 entitled “Decoding the Future with Genomics.” Here it is:


Juan also wrote the popular “As the Future Catches You“. The book and the TED talk draw upon a lot of the same content. They also draw upon his evocative style. A snapshot of a page from his book shows how he uses design to help express a message:


Here is the same sentence without the creative typography:

  If someone spent her entire life reading a copy of one person’s genome . . . she would barely finish . . . much less understand . . . or remember . . . what she read  

Less effective with plain old text or just less interesting?

Be sure to check out some of the other TED talks. My favorite talks so far are those by Hans Rosling (data never looked so good) and Malcolm Gladwell, a great storyteller. Who knew tomato sauce had such meaning to reveal about human preference? There is no one perfect tomato sauce, there are only perfect tomato sauces…


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