Polony A Go-Go

Since when are undergraduates accomplished in bioinformatics, hacking hardware, wetlab work, and bioethics, and music? These folks do exist. This summer, I have had the pleasure of working with the multi-talented James Kugler, an intern in the Church Lab.

I was just alerted to the fact that he is something of a budding musician trying to break out in the nascent scene of “genome pop“. His debut track will surely capture the hearts of ligase molecules across the globe. And no ballad on polony sequencing would be complete without fluorophores, and this one has got them in spades.

Listen to Polony A Go-Go, by James Kugler.

UPDATE (12:35AM): James does not sound like a 4-inch tall, helium-huffing chipmunk IRL. This is a WP and Flash player bug. Oh boy, I hope James doesn’t find out about this. I have just totally made a mockery of his big debut. Everyone please try to keep this on the DL until further notice. James, if you’re reading, I’ve sent in the calvary. We’re going to get your voice back back to normal soon, real soon…

UPDATE 2 (12:36AM): Oh yeah, it just occurred to me that if you go directly to the song URL, rather than rely on the embedded flash player (that is, do not click on the little blue icon next to song link), you can listen to the song at the normal sampling rate in your browser and avoid the chipmunk effect. So copy/past the URL below and have a listen:


Lyrics below the jump.

Maybe its just me,
but the stars don’t seem the same
since I saw the polony landscape!

I remember the day,
tried to sequence some DNA
when I saw the polony landscape!

Sanger is getting old,
and I am pretty cold
because NRB 232 is like 10 degrees.

Cy5, Cy3, TR, FITC

Polony a go-go,
faster than the other ones go!

You once told me that ligase is the way to be,
no more polymerase for me, no no
And each bead can hold 26 keys to the code,
as it lights up all my A’s, C’s, G’s, and T’s.


4 Responses to “Polony A Go-Go”

  1. Hsien Lei on August 7th, 2007 4:26 am

    That is really odd. I routed the mp3 through Odeo and it was also speeded up but listening to the file directly in the browser was fine. :/

  2. jasonbobe on August 7th, 2007 10:29 am

    Yeah James is an odd duck. Oh, you were referring to the chipmunk effect, yeah that’s odd too. :)

  3. nige nothing-is-sacred-never-was-either on August 8th, 2007 6:24 am

    I prefer Kurt Cobain’s lyrics in the song “Oh me”……

    ‘my whole expanse I cannot see,
    formulate infinity stored deep inside of me’

  4. Sara on August 8th, 2007 10:57 am

    James, you made it big-time! I LOVE your song, thanks for posting:) We’re so lucky to have you here!

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