PGP launches new website at

I’m happy to report that the Personal Genome Project today launched a new website at

For years, George has dedicated several pages of his Harvard lab’s website to the PGP. The pages at what is now “the old” PGP site, have a…er…um… distinctive look and feel. The pages have always reminded me of a PINE terminal and the bygone era of the Web when there was no such thing as form, only function existed.

Every now and then, little pieces of flare were tacked on to the old site. I don’t mean to mislead, not everything was purely function. Some of the design flares had quite a cult following too. For example, on some pages of the site, a little string of ATGC’s would follow your mouse’s cursor around as it moved across the screen. (With regret, this feature did not make the cut for the new site)


So, it is a major milestone I think that the PGP not only has its very own domain now, but has upgraded from webpages composed of mostly black text on white background to pages with color and navigation elements.

Let me know what you think.

P.S. Lots of people helped with the site. I would like to publicly thank a handful of them here for helping the PGP with the site: Sasha, TomC, Funktion, Ward, Ricardo (thx for some of the graphics), John, Dana, Shawn, Alan, and Xiaodi and everyone else I’ve forgotten to mention. Thank you.


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