The X-team

The scientists and engineers in the Church lab at Harvard Medical School, who are busy developing the sequencing technology that will be used for the Personal Genome Project, will be competing in the Archon X-Prize for Genomics. The announcement was made this morning in the Boston Globe.

To win the $10M prize all we need to do is to line-up about 200 of our machines and turn them on. Well maybe its not that simple. There are also a few items on the science and engineering “To Do” list, like figure out how to drop the price of whole genome sequencing by 1 or 2 orders of magnitude.

The founding members of the Personal Genome X-team are:

Richard Terry, Greg Porreca, Jay Shendure, and Kevin McCarthy. Go team!

P.S. I wonder what George plans to do with all of those machines after competing in the X-Prize?


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