Video: Craig Venter on Colbert Report

Hat tip, Pedro and to those who forwarded this to me.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: Ryan Phelan

The CEO of DNA Direct (full discolure…and my boss/friend/mentor) recently gave a talk at Stanford as part of the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (ETL) seminar series. In her presentation, she tells the story of her life as an entrepreneur and her experiences with founding and operating a number of ventures, most of them in the consumer health arena. Among them were Planetree & Direct Medical Knowledge (later acquired by WebMD). Check it out:


Video, Audio Podcast MP3, and also available via iTunes (search ETL or Ryan Phelan)

I highly recommend checking out the whole series of speakers and the archive.

Video Editorial on Personal Genomics

""Personalized genomics" — sequencing an individual’s genome so that
genetic vulnerabilities can be identified early — is a pipe dream
today: It would cost $10-$20 million per person. However, these new
sequencing technologies make it plausible that personalized genomics
will be feasible in the next few decades"

The statement "plausible that…[it] will be feasible in the next few decades" seems a wee bit on the conservative side of technological forecasts I’d say.

Anthony Komaroff. "Personalized Genomics" Gets Closer. Medscape. Feb 24, 2006.

Russ Altman Talks at Google

Russ Altman, Opportunities for Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine.  Google Video, February 22, 2006.

Russ Altman bio

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